"you don't take a photograph you make it!" Ansel Adams

Assignments. This is where you will check each week to see what we are doing and what you will need to do.

So if you are absent be sure to check the wiki as you are responsible to get the work done.

Welcome to Digital imagery class! My email:kfarrell@isb.bj.edu.cn

Hopefully you will find that this class might just change the way you SEE your life!!

Don't forget to bring your digital camera and computer fully charged to the next class! With a card reader or cord to upload your photos. Keep a camera in your pocket or bag at all times!!!


Read assignments week by week.. DO NOT GO AHEAD AS THEY MIGHT CHANGE

January 12-16 Introductions

take photos of the elements of design (line/shape/texture/value/space/form) sign up for flickr and upload them. make a slideshow and put it on your wiki page.

Create a tumblr blog and sign up on YHS, Join flickr. Create links to these sites on your wiki page

Photo challenge: burning house!

Read this article and take photos of what you would bring with you should your home burn down. Next class you will introduce yourself by showing us your photo. Print it out BEFORE you come to class. Upload onto flickr and tumblr

January 19- 23 Simple Things:


Be sure that you are signed up and are on Flickr/ tumblr and the ISB Len. Please make sure that you put the link to these two sites on your wiki page AND THAT THEY WORK!

Upload your EDITED and titled 6 elements of design onto your flickr page, create an album "elements of design",


#1upload a photo of one of the elements and write about what you were thinking when you took the picture. Name the element you were describing.

#2 upload a photo of what you would take if your house was burning and list the things you chose and why

Photo assignment: 10 simple things

This week we will be looking at the work of photographer Andrew Nagle and his way of editing and seeing simply.


You will have 10 simple things that you will then upload onto flickr and make into an album.

Come to the first class on tuesday with your Burning House collection of items printed out! We will share this in class.

Weekend photo challenge

use the simple thing technique while out and about this weekend either inside your home or out around town.Take at least 5 photos then choose your favorite to upload onto flickr, if you haven't already make a Photo Challenge Album on flickr that you will add to each week.. Put it on your tumblr and write what the assignment was and why you chose the photo you did. Use the visual language!

Keep it Simple Voicethread Link. If one photo from you is not here be sure to give me one by Monday.


January 26 - 30 Know your camera! and Composition! Learning how to take powerful photographs!


upload photos from this weekend. Make a simple thing album.

Tumblr:(remember every photo is accompanied by a reflection on why you chose it/ what it represents! WORD AND IMAGE)

Make certain that your Burning House response is up on the Tumblr/ flickr/yhs.

Take your favorite simple thing photo and put it up on flickr. Reflect on your choice

Rule of thirds: Choose your favorite and define what the rule of thirds also writing how your photo meets the criteria!

In Class:


Know your camera! In groups of 2-3 work together to define these terms related to cameras. Fill out the paper and send it to me at the end of class. kfarrell@isb.bj.edu.cn On your Tumblr place this wordle and write what you learned as a result of this exercise.


Rule of thirds

Point of View

Week's photo challenge

take photos using the the compositional techniques above. Start by with the theme... describing your world in 5 photos. Be mindful of the "rule of thirds" and "point of view"

Remember to Edit add your flickr, write a reflection on your tumblr and if Chinesy.. add a photo to YHS!!

"Find the poetry" in the everyday!!

February 2- 4 Complete Compositional techniques.

This week we will complete the chosen techniques and focus on Leading line / framing and reflections and shadows

Photo Challenge:

Take 5 pictures that describes what CNY is like in Beijing! Use one or more compositional techniques. Upload the best ones onto flickr (also put in your photo challenge album)then on tumblr (explain what the image is about and what Compositional technique you used) and finally on YHS

February 9-11th next begin Portraiture

READ THIS ARTICLE"Ten Ways to Take Stunning Portraits :This is the focus for all that we do during this Portrait UNIT

This will guide you as you develop your skills taking other peoples portraits

Photo Challenge:

VACATION whether it be in China or Bali take good pics that you will continue to share with YHS. Remember "think before you click, fill the frame, MOVE around your subject, remember the RULES then break them. Choose 5 of your finest and upload them onto flickr.


Begin to take portraits practicing the techniques mentioned in the above article.

Look up Richard Avedon and Arnold Newman's consider their styles and then on tumblr put up your favorite photo from each and tell us what makes each on unique.

Continue posting on Tumblr 2 x a week minimum. Post your best portrait on tumblr with a few lines of what you were thinking and what portrait technique you used.

Expectations :

This weeks photo assignment is to begin to take portraits using five of the techniques explained in the article. there MUST be evidence that you are using your camera outside of school.

#1Take an environmental portrait Newman style of your family members. Surroundings tell as much about the people as the portrait. If they are not present use props and photos be creative.

#2 Take photos of your family and friends using the techniques mentioned. Remember to fill the frame and behave differently using the camera (shoot from above or below/ show part of the person, frame the shot etc)

#3 You should have at least 10 portraits demonstrating your understanding of the techniques shown in the article. Title/name technique. Upload the ten of your best onto flickr! onto Tumblr put up 3-5 of your best and tell what techniques you used and what you learned in the process. Put one on YHS with description. We will have a class critique

Feb 23 - 27th Complete Portraits

Make certain that you have done the above assignments by next class on Tuesday! upload onto flickr/ tumblr/

Edit the portraits taken last class before break and upload onto flickr!Fill out the Portrait Rubric and give to ms farrell

Photo challenge

Middle/ High school collaboration! You will be given a quote that you will illustrate simply due Monday March 2

March 2- 6 Light painting

Begin by reading the history of light painting!

Look at the wiki unit on light painting , see the examples from past years and read how to set your camera

Set your cameras to long shutter (15 ' to B), iso 80-100 and aperture 5-9

If you have a SLR camera bring it. We need 4. Make sure it is charged and if needed you have the upload cord!

Set it to "Bulb" mode/ iso is 100/ shutter is around f5

Photo challenge/ Post on your tumblr

All quote photos should be passed in!

This weeks's challenge is to photograph a collection of your own or others

Take a look at Diana slatanovkis


March 9-13 Light painting/ paint with 4 year olds!

Describe what went on once 4 yr olds got into action! Post on Tumblr

Organize your photos: there must be at least one light painting attempted outside of school!

March 13 - 17 Complete Light Painting Portfolio

Organize your photos: take more photos if needed

There must be at least one light painting attempted outside of school!

Communicate with YHS/ Tumblr/ upload best onto flickr and make an album as required

Photographer Ann Atkins is celebrating her 216th birthday on March16. Look her up find an image and tell us about her contribution to the field of photography. Put an entry on your Tumblr

Photo challenge/ post on your tumblr

signs of spring

March 30 - April 1 Complete iMovie Photo History

Photo challenge: Be sure you have an album on your flickr with all your photo challenge photos!

over the weekend take photos of the

Qing ming festival. Use what you know about composition. Put your 3 best onto flickr

April 7-19 Master Presentations

Come to class with your iMovie and your three pictures (presented side by side the master photo) in the style of your photographers!!

Put the pics in the style of on your tumblr and upload onto flickr

Photo challenge:

Architecture is the built environment. Take a photo this weekend that focus's on buildings

April 14-16 History of Photography to pinhole cameras!


Make sure that you have mentioned YOUR own master on tumblr and state what you think was the reason why he became thought of as a "Master"

Put your best two architecture photos onto tumblr tell us where you took the photo and why you chose it.

Put your first pinhole pic onto tumblr and write about what you need to know to fix an image in our darkroom.

Check out my pinterest site on pinhole photography for tips and ideas!

You can find the image you took on my Tumblr

If you want to make your own pinhole bring a box to the next class and we will do it one more time together.

Your assignment

is to create and develop one of your own pinhole pics and upload it onto tumblr and flickr describing how you took the photo (minutes, where you were, what camera you used)

April 20 - 24 Pinhole cameras continue

Photo challenge.

It's pinhole camera day April 26 Read all about it. http://pinholeday.org Check it out on Facebook too

You will upload your favorite photo to the ISB Pinholers group on the pinholeday site, upload onto flickr and tumblr

May 11th to 15th Final reflection on HOS and begin Recreating Reality

#1 Follow these directions to learn how to make nifty professional selections
Create a melon head